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CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software being used on Firewire Surfboards. This video scientifically breaks down the hydrodynamics of surfboard design (art to science).



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David Kelly from Hawaiian South Shore has been riding Vektor Fins and is now an official retailer on Oahu’s South Shore.

Surf accessories from FCS, DaKine, OAM, Creatures of Leisure, futures. fins, 3DFINS, and surfboards from Channel Island, Lost, Proctor, Pinder, Joel Tudor, Dick Brewer and Stewart Surfboards

Clothing from Vissla, TCSS, Bank, Lauren Moshi, Maryann and more you won’t be disappointed. 

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Okay, if you’re going to choose a twin with a trailer, basically what it is it’s your base is your twin fin setup. Basically you have your big side fins, that are bigger than your tri-fins. And then sometimes on a twin fin, you kind of get a little slide into the turn, for on those bigger days you need something more to hold the tail down and give you more of a positive traction in your turn. So basically, what they’ve done, is you still have your side fins as they’re holding into the face of the wave, and then you have a small trailer fin in the back that is just holding down the tail just a little bit so that you get that positive feel as a thruster, but still you get the speed of the twin fin.


Brief history and introduction to Vektor Fins.  Vektor started of with longboard side bites, tested wake board fins, installed in paipo boards, prone and drop knee bodyboarding, and various surfboard fin set ups.  The unique fin template’s hydrodynamic principles perform on all types of wave crafts.  “The nubster fin like you never see it.”  Mahalo HSS and David Kelly!





Clips Hawaii is retailing Vektor compatible FCS and Futures fins for the surf market.  Mahalo Zen and Mark for hooking it up and keeping it stylish. Check out our selection of fins at Clips Hawaii.  Specializing in high performance surfboards like Channel Islands (Al Merrick), and Firewire. We also carry neoclassic shapes from amazing style masters like Tyler Warren. What sets us apart from regular surf shops is our selection of apparel and beach wear, we carefully hand select brands from all over the world that fit our aesthetic. We are a new age Surf Select Shop in Hawaii.

Clips Hawaii


This is a game changer for wave riding.  24/7 perfect waves!


The skill level, talent and mentality of the youth is impressive!

Barron Mamiya, Jake Marshall, Nick Marshall and Eli Hanneman give a glimpse of surfing’s future in Hurley Youth: Hawaii.


Quad vs. Thrusters (@ 1:45)?

Pro-Good drive and speed down the line.

Cons-Not enough fin off turns.

Solution-Vektor Systems (quad+stabilizer fin)


A Video Series By Kim Feast. Coming Soon…  Kim is always exploring, always pushing the limits, always open to new ways of riding and creating works of art that inspire us to do more than what we’ve done before.  He carries the spirit of Vektor and represents what we are all about.


Foam surfboards, Finned bodyboards, Who cares? Have fun!

Jamie O’brien going haywire on his signature Catch Surf Odysea Skipper board in Indonesia. Jamie even switched his stance in the tube to keep it interesting!! For more check out