Vektor started in 2002 when I was living on Kauai.  I started to design a fin with a unique template to improve drive, speed, control and maneuverability. I drew up a template and got my first prototype made from Island Fin Designs. I rode this template and noticed the difference in the ride right away. It felt really natural and smooth. I knew that this was a solid template.  I was amped on it and learned everything I could about fins and how they work. I eventually started to work for the same fin design company Island Fin Designs on the North Shore. I would make a fin then surf it after work. With the knowledge that I gained, I fine tuned the fins and made the correct adjustments. I started to experiment with different fin templates and learned first hand how they effect different aspects of performance in the water.

I’ve been working on the fins with the help of test riders and designers in the underground, ameutur, and pro levels for over a decade now. The fin angles, templates, installation, positioning, and performance have evolved over the years. Vektor’s unique fin template designed specifically for drop knee is properly balanced to give you drive, speed, control and maneuverability. Established in 2001, created in Hawaii, and tested around the world. Vektor Systems has now developed into the most advanced and functional high performance system for wave riding.