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This is where Vektor Systems began. It first started with an idea, then hand shaped and tested on the North Shore. Working at Island Fin Design with Steve Mok sparked the creativity and allowed me to experiments with various fin templates.

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Vektor fins add stability to your quad set up to increase your performance without sacrificing the feel of your board and fins original design.  This video helps to describe the functions of trailer fins on a five fin set up.


Vektor Team Riders and Test Pilots: Jimmy Hutaff, Jacob Pembrook, Keahi Parker, David Kelly, Okoa Thomas, Roger Mamuad, Dean Song, Kyle Sumida representing.


Its not about the negative, Its about doing what you love to do regardless of other people opinions, striving to better yourself no matter what gets put in front of you or how far off your path you stray. Who Cares what you do, Who Cares what you ride.. Just have fun, work hard, be true to your values and do the things you love because you love them and they make you happy.

An introduction video of legend dropknee rider David Kelly. Sponsored by Science Bodyboards, MS Vipers, Gyroll, 2B Wax, Vector System, Quality Surfboards Hawaii, and God’s Country. Song- Sublime: Rivers of Babylon, I do not intend to copyright.


You’re right, that’s not surfing. And no, it doesn’t matter. Florida’s Brad Domke has made a name for himself in the surf world, but not for riding a surfboard. He’s surfing massive waves on a skimboard. No fins, no paddling, just step-offs from the jetski into bone crushing XXL surf. Feast your eyes on what might be the greatest surfing that’s ever gone down, that isn’t actually surfing. And big ups to Domke for sending it as he does best. The dude rips.


This is the full Movie for the already released webseries all together as one with a new intro and extra bonus section. Ultimately the beatdown @3:13 (and various others because lets not beat around the bush here, they happened, and were fun at the time..) slapped me with whats been now a year long spinal injury to my neck. 1/2 of the vid was made surfing unawares of the extent of the injury just trying to push through the pain because the waves were so good. Possibly stupid but none the less had a great time travelling, hanging with great people shooting, filming and editing and learnt alot along the way. Thanks to anyone who has either watched the series or helped me throughout the process.



Mystified by Fins? This is Surfboard Fins Explained! A tire is to your car as a fin is to your surfboard; instrumental in how that board handles. Most knowledgeable surfboard shapers will tell you that the right or wrong fin and make or break a board. Yet a large number of surfers either don’t understand or don’t pay attention to their surfboard fins.

Hopefully, after watching this video you will have a better idea of the basic elements of a surfboard fin’s design and which fins work best for a given surfboard design and surf conditions.

This is surfboard fins explained at Benny’s Boardroom surfboard reviews.