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Roger Mamuad


Years bodyboarding: 20+ years on and off. It’s been 3years solid now.
Sponsors: Ballistic boards, Vektor Systems, True Aloha Clothing
Location: West side, Oahu.
Favorite spot: OTF, Sandy’s, Makaha surfing beach.
Favorite move: My favorite move would have to be the dk turns. Off the bottom, off the face, off the lip, they are all fun.
Where do you see the future of drop knee: I see the future of drop knee to progress as we introduce Vektor systems to more fellow body boarders. The system makes dk fun and easy. Let’s share the stoke to everyone.
What are the biggest benefits of using Vektor fins: biggest benefits of the Vektor systems is the way it holds your line on a wave. This makes it easy to do a good bottom turn that will give you the speed to do a hard snap turn off the lip or a hard cut back.
Biggest inspiration: My biggest inspirations to go back out in the water are my kids. They love the beach and getting on a bodyboard as much As I do and Having someone who looks up to you makes you want to push that much more.
Future goals: My future goal is to start doing dk events on island. I also wanna keep doing more photo shoots/free surfing to help promote Vektor fins and dk/body boarding to help keep the sport alive.