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Kyle Maligro



Photo: Chris Burkard

Years bodyboarding: Longer then most of you have been alive. About 23 years or so.
Sponsors: Toobs, Vektor
Location: On a little piece of land in the blue pacific on planet earth, aka Kauai, Hawaii.
Favorite spot: It all depends on how I’m feeling at the time. Hawaii has pretty much of it all except for point breaks which I really like as well.
Favorite move: Umm, Steep take off in the Dropknee stance on a right into a heaving pit projecting out more then usual due to fin setup and cranking a real hard turn or cranking a big air and landing into a hard turn. Does that make sense? Haha.
Where do you see the future of drop knee: I hope it improves. Having the vektor fin setup is insane and has totally taken my dk to another level. I hope people try it out for themselves and see the benefits.
Biggest benefits from using Vektors: It really makes you surf from rail to rail rather then sliding all around the place. It has insane projection that you can’t get without them. It causes you to draw different lines then usual allowing you to do bigger moves. It’s insane for barrel riding. And yes, you can throw the tail hard!!!