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Kim Feast

kim feast
Photo: Maurice Aubuchon

Years bodyboarding: 25 Location: Gracetown, Western Australia

Favorite spot: Gracetown, Western Australia

Favorite move: Being inside a barrel.

Where do you see the future of drop knee: The future of drop knee is in the hands of us. Sounds corny but it is the truth, it is up to us to bring it back. Right now it’s on life support. Vektor Fins can be a part of that if people open their minds.

What are the biggest benefits of using Vektor fins: Speed, Control, Drive, In heavy waves they work well and could even help with someone learning to dropknee.

Biggest inspiration: Dropknee wise… Any Dker. My idols growing up… Aka Lyman, Kainoa Mcgee, Fred Booth, Phil Harnsberger. Creatively… Brainfarm, and A view from a Blue moon.

Future goals: Catch big, heavy, scary as f*@# waves, lift the level of what’s thought possible in the Jackstance, and contribute back to this sport.