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Jimmy Hutaff

Vektor Jimmy Hutaff

Years bodyboarding: 24 years, wow. I didn’t know I have been enjoying the sponge that long.
Sponsors: Science Bodyboards, Jesus Christ, Vektor Systems, The Foam Co.
Location: Hilo
Favorite spot: If I told you, I would have to kill you… loose lips, sink ships” haahaaa. There are a lot of good spots on Maui. Were ever there is not a crowd that would be my fav. spot
Favorite Move: Double drop knee backflip superman kickflip 360. That is all one move in the air. LOL
Where do you see the future of drop knee: Well my crystal ball says there will be 100 million dropkneers world wide and everyone wants Vektor fins. Everyone gets 1000 dollars just because there is tons of cash in the sport of jack knee.
Biggest benefits from using Vektors: There are kazillions of benefits. But I will keep it simple. more speed, better hold, deeper barrels, bigger airs, bigger waves, if you like go sand slide, can take um off and charge um, can run over people you don’t like. The list goes on and on.