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Island Fin Design

This is where Vektor Systems began. It first started with an idea, then hand shaped and tested on the North Shore. Working at Island Fin Design with Steve Mok sparked the creativity and allowed me to experiments with various fin templates.

Island Fin Design was established on the North Shore of Oahu in 1979 by surfer and craftsman Steve Mock. Since then he has continued to work with many of Hawaii’s legendary board builders and professional surfers.

Each of our fins are handmade on the North Shore at our factory in the Old Waialua Sugar Mill. Island Fin Design has become Hawaii’s premier fin supplier, providing a quality product for optimal performance, aesthetic superiority and durability.

At Island Fin Design we believe in quality craftsmanship, making things the right way, and taking a classic approach to template and color work trends. Combining these standards with our industry knowledge, we’re proud to offer you the best possible fin to suit your style and ride.
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Film & Edit: Evan Schell.