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Dean Antolin

Vektor Dean Antolin

Years bodyboarding: 20+ years
Sponsors: Vektor Systems, Anomaly Bodyboards, and HIdentity Surf Shop
Location: Town
Favorite spot: Sandy’s, OTR’s, and NS
favorite move: solid full torqued top to bottom turns with the tail out and a smooth transition out of it.
Where do I see the future of dropknee: dropknee airs, DK rolls, and more riders of the knee.
Biggest benefits from using Vektors: stability for riding bigger waves able to hold your line on steeper bottom turns and is able to drive out of it without scooping into the wave. For shorebreak its good for that step in the wave where it just slices through the step which is the critical part of shorebreak. Vektors is able to do all these things for you which is less things to think about which will help you focus more on the wave and what you gonna do on it.
Biggest inspiration: I take inspiration from the legends all the way down to the youngest grom. As long as they love bodyboarding/dropknee and has positive vibes its all good with me.
Future Goals: Dk Wars, Vektor Systems, and your local bodyboard shop on every island promoting, sponsoring, and running events to help raise the bar for Dropknee and its future.