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Daylan Saniatan

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Daylan Saniatan

Years Bodyboarding:  25+

Sponsors:  Triad, Vektor Systems, Imrse, 808 Empire, Kill Media, hehiau, Top Notch and Big Island Bombers

Location: from Hilo, Hawai’i/ currently on Maui

Favorite Spot:  Honoli’i/Pakuz/Point

Where do I see the future of drop knee:  The future looks good for drop knee. There are so many guys taking drop knee to another level. I see guys drop kneeing bigger waves, doing aerials and power surfing.

Biggest benefits of using Vektor fins:  The biggest benefit of Vektor fins is drive and stability. The fins help me lock into my lines and gives me the drive I need to complete powerful moves. It takes some time to adjust to the Vektor system, at first, but when I got it down I immediately felt the difference.

Biggest inspiration:  Aka Lyman and Paul Roach were my inspirations when growing up. Before sessions, I’d watch clips to pump me up. There were a lot of local boys from Big Island that definitely influenced my riding style today. Nowadays, anyone who gets up on the knee inspires me.

Future goals:  I hope to inspire the younger generation and to leave my mark on drop knee. I want to continue to push drop knee to the next level by drop kneeing on bigger waves and performing more powerful maneuvers.

Mahalo Ryan Arakawa from Vektor Systems for introducing me to the fins. I was hesitant at first but now all my boards have the Vektor Systems ready to go. Mahalo for all of your support!