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Bud Miyamoto

Vektor Bud Miyamoto

years bodyboarding: 20+

Sponsors: Triad Bodyboards, Vektor Systems, Viper Fins, Hidentity Shop, Fumanchu Clothing.

Location: Eleele, Kauai

Favorite spot: In the ocean

Favorite move: DK air reverse

Where do I see the future of drop knee: I see dk growing for sure, with all the guys we have pushing limits and fine tuning their riding dk is always growing. I see guys starting to tow into crazy waves charging jaws 10-15 years ago if you would of mentioned guys paddling and dropkneeing jaws they would of said you were crazy. Even towing into heavy slabs. Im sure we will see more of it real soon.

Biggest benefits of using Vektor fins: The biggest benefits for me is the rail control and speed. Im not going to lie it takes a while to get used to the Vektor fins but when you get it down and learn how to use them it opens more options in your dk game. the first time I used them I was in Cali and I felt its benefits right away. The speed and edge you get is amazing. Its just learning how and when to use the edge and speed to your advantage. My Triad LTD. model with the Vektor system I am using now is the best gear I have ever used and allows me to push limits I never thought were possible before. I am going to try some new things this winter for bigger waves I cant wait for this winter to try the new setup Ryan is going to do for me.

Biggest inspiration: My biggest inspiration has to be Kainoa McGee. I always watched his videos when I was a kid and then Fumanchu came out and I was blown away. Watching him made me want to dk and all my friends told me my style was kind of like his. Then one day whe I was 15 Kainoa came out to one of my favorite waves on kauai, I was tripping when he paddled out. I had a brand new board that didnt have a leash because i didnt want to plug it. I remember catching a wave pulling into the barell and did a dk air I never landed the air and got pounded and lost my board. I cut my hand pretty bad swimming in. I got my board went on shore taped up my hand and plugged my board then paddled back out. then Kainoa approached me and said he wanted to talk to me when we go in. He said he had aboard for me and wanted me to ride for him. then gave me a brand new X-Man shaped Industry board. That day is what started the dk fire in me. He took me under his wing tought me how to surf pipe and a couple waves on maui. Still to this day he always gives me pointers and pushes me when I am out at pipe with him.

Future goals: One of my goals for dropknee is to get towed into teahupoo on the knee. hopefully soon I will be ready and get the help I need to do it.

I really want to thank Ryan for supporting me and my dropknee habits and introducing me to the Vektor Systems it has really opened my eyes to what can be done and how much it improved my riding…. ALOHA